Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Roofing Questions, We Have The Answers. 

There are times where the need for a new roof is very clear: leaks, missing shingles, holes in the roof, etc. Other times, the the signs can be more subtle in nature. If your roof is 15+ years old, it may be a good opportunity to get ahead of any potential problems that result from owning an older roof. 

For residential roofs, typically, one or two days. Due to the nature of our work, we can only install the roof as long as the weather is good. That being said, weather permitting the roof replacement usually shouldn’t take more than a day or two. 

Sometimes we can, depending on your roof and what’s up there. Most re-roofs should be evaluated on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, tearing off existing materials, inspecting the decking (as well as the general integrity of your roof structure) and then installing your new roof will guarantee optimum long-term performance.

Ice and Water Shield is a protective underlayment that is put on over the wood deck prior to any shingles. Ice and Water Shield helps attempt prevent water infiltration during ice damming situations which can happen in the winter. This isn’t a foolproof solution, but it can certainly help. 

For a new skylight installation there’s no better time to have the work done than when you’re replacing the roof on your house.  Per our company policy, we will only install skylights if we have installed your roof. Skylight replacement is not offered as a sole individual service. In this day and age skylights on shingle roofs have become much more common, and affordable. If you would like to add a skylight let your representative know and we will provide you with a variety of options.

We’ll rake and sweep all debris from the roof and around the house (sidewalks, driveways, etc.). We will perform a final inspection of your new roof and your grounds to assure your complete satisfaction.

This question has no right answer. When installed correctly, all of the flat roofing systems Elgin Promar Roofing offers work as advertised. The best answer is whatever system your particular structure and budget allow. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable roofing representative will go over all of the available options with you during our initial consultation, and give you a recommendation based off of our expertise, your needs, and your budget.

The longevity of your roof will depend on a variety of factors. Like materials, quality of installation, and ventilation. Generally speaking, a well constructed roof will last between 15 and 20 years depending on the climate, quality of shingles and underlayment.

Serving our community for over 22 years, we are fully insured for both workers’ comp and general liability insurance coverage. What this means to you is that you will never be responsible for any of these expenses. We will provide certificates of insurance upon request. 

This is one of the best ways to know if a roofing company is legit. If they do not have either of these certificates, we would err on the side of caution.

With over 22 years of industry experiencing serving Elgin and its’ surrounding suburbs since 2000, we are one of the top ranked and respected roofing companies near you. We’re local, family owned & operated with the goal to continue providing outstanding roof replacement to our community. 

Surveys have shown that the number one criteria most people use to pick a roofing contractor is trust. The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) recommends that you look for a contractor who fits the following criteria.

  1. Has a proven track record (check references, talk to your local building department, look at work they’ve done in your area).
  2. Is stable (How long have they been in business? Who owns the company? If you have an old phone book, check if they were in it).
  3. Provides expertise (Are installers experienced? Does the contractor provide training and oversight of work? Has the contractor achieved certifications from manufacturers?)
  4. Provides an understandable contract (Don’t sign something you can’t understand. Make sure you understand what you are agreeing to, what it will cost, and when payments are due).

When considering roof replacements, it’s important to notice what season of the year you’re currently in.

Peak Season- Late Summer/ Fall:
What this means: due to the sunny weather and clear skies, a lot of work can be done and timing is on your side. The days are longer and the weather is good.

Something to think about: peak season also means that there is a high demand for installers and materials which will come at a higher cost. High demand will mean the schedules are busier so it is good to schedule your appointment to sign a contract as early as possible to accommodate for any possible material delays and to secure your spot for installation at a time that works best for you.

Off Season– Early Spring/ Winter
During this time period, it is a great time to get a quote for you roof replacement and sign a contract. To get ahead of the Summer Rush, Spring time is a great window of opportunity to install a roof- as long as you understand that it is a weather permitting job.

Now when it comes to winter, there are other challenges to consider: snowfall and freezing temperatures make it difficult to work with asphalt shingle roofs, so it’s best install the roof above freezing temperatures.

Although on the bright side, winter is a usually not a very busy time to schedule an appointment for a quote, so snagging those lower material cost prices might be a great deal!

When you’re getting your new roof installed, make sure to inquire about ice and water shield protection to insure that your roof will have the utmost protection for when the winter months roll through.

At Promar, we always install Ice and Water shield to protect your roof and to help prevent ice damming from happening- although it is something that no roofer can 100% guarantee from occurring, adding that kind of protection does help.

This is a great question, that we love to get! Many of our customers find us by reading our outstanding 5 star reviews on Google or by word of mouth.

We’re popular in the community for the high caliber quality work we do and our local honest reviews speak for themselves.

If you’d like, we can also give you some references if calling is more of your thing.

Have More Questions?

If you’re not sure which type of roof is best for your home or commercial property, Elgin Promar Roofing is here to help! With over twenty years of experience in the roofing industry, we work side by side with you to select the perfect roof that will match your home, your vision and your budget. Contact us for Roofing Installation in Elgin.

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Free Consultation

Your rep will arrive to your appointment and talk to you about your roofing options. They will show you samples, color options, and answer any questions you may have. 



You’ll receive your free roofing quote and/or gutter quote with the details discussed for the full replacement quote. 

If you have any other roofing questions, feel free to contact your rep at any time. That’s what we’re here for!



When the material for your roofing project is ready, Promar will give you a call to schedule an installation date. Our team will arrive on time, tear off the old roof, and professionally install the new one. 


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Promar will remove all debris and leave your property looking clean and orderly. 

Time to enjoy your new roof and feel confident in the investment knowing that you hired the best roofers in Elgin, Illinois!

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